"The best decision I made is the wife I married." Datuk Wira (Dr) Haji Ameer Ali Mydin.

Many would not make it a point to talk about sentimental feelings with a businessman, let alone a man who owns a billion ringgit industry. Men are believed to be a creature of insensitivity. The insensitivity is more notable, so said the fairer sexes, when a man commands a huge successful business. It was amazing when Datuk Ameer continued to share his softer side that left many women swoon over the love that he expresses often to his better half.


“Actually, many businessmen in Malaysia are also facing the dilemma. After many years in business, suddenly they realise that the preparation for expansion should have been done the first day they started their business. For many, it could have been thirty years ago.” Kee Peng hopes that all entrepreneurs, whether they are in India or Malaysia or anywhere in the world, are equipped with the knowledge to bring their company to another level.

Serena Cheah's Dance of Life

During one of the “Business with ACIM” session, I asked Chee Wah: If GOD created everyone as equal and inherently the same, then why do we all have different talents. He explained that talents such as writing, cooking, singing, acting and baking, for example, are God’s gifted talents and they are all the same.