"Learn about vision care, not glasses."

With over 33 years experience in the optometry practice, Lee has looked after the eye health of his patients as a Registered Optician. When Bangsar Optometry Centre opened in 1984, Lee strives for the absolute best to help his patients, not only to get the appropriate pair of prescribed glasses, but gain insightful education about their vision health, comfort and long-term physical health condition.

“Wink at Life. It’s going to be ok.!”

“I blend with people easily,” said Fuzi Hanim, the founder of FuziMagic, a not-for-profit organization that focuses on student development program for the underserved youth. “I make friends with everyone and build bridges to connect people. I accept differences until there are no more differences. And then, we celebrate.”

If you want to do God’s work, you got to do it full time!

Grub Cycle was established in June 2016. Redza met the team when they were helping out at an event for refugees. “I wanted to learn more about social enterprise, so I went to the British Council to learn to be a facilitator for social enterprise. That was where someone asked me if I was interested to join an accelerator program to validate and start my own social enterprise.” As if everything he wanted was already there, all he needed to do was to show up. And he did.