Prof Joe: "Your personality and attitude determine your livelihood."

“Your personality and attitude determine your livelihood.” Prof Joe Choo, a Feng Shui Consultant and Author, reiterated that having a positive character trait can determine our success in life. “Perangai adalah rezeki. Success really depends on how you interact with people (your attitude) and how you respond to life challenges.”

Give the kids a second chance! ~ Grace Covenant

“Everyone has a dream. Even children who come from broken homes.” Joshua, along with his wife, Ruth Kam, took their initiatives to plan a welcoming home for the underserved kids. Their ages range from newborn to teenagers. “We feel that only through education, children can change their lives. We need to nurture them from young through building good attitude and behaviour while developing respectable healthy character. In an acronym, it is the ABC of growth - Attitude, Behaviour and Character.”

"Learn about vision care, not glasses."

With over 33 years experience in the optometry practice, Lee has looked after the eye health of his patients as a Registered Optician. When Bangsar Optometry Centre opened in 1984, Lee strives for the absolute best to help his patients, not only to get the appropriate pair of prescribed glasses, but gain insightful education about their vision health, comfort and long-term physical health condition.