Share Ideas

I kept my ears open and listened. With his non-stop complaints, it was hard to get some ideas in. So, I let him speak. When he stopped to catch his breath, I cut in. Stopping him from all these unprogressive banter, I said, “Look, it is so good you have a car and you are making money driving it at your leisure.” He looked ahead and for the moment, kept quiet and started to think.

Be Still and Solve Problems

Over the years, we get a lot of advise from many successful entrepreneurs, especially young and powerful ones, about business success. Many would have heard or we were told that to achieve anything at all, you need to do a lot. It is called hard work. With more success stories in the market and the thirst for more market share and more profit, we tend to lose ourselves in our work thinking that if only you could do one more thing, meet one more client, close one more deal, even if it is going to take your weekends away from your loved ones, you will do it anyway. For the money, you would reason.

"Business With ACIM" Part I & II - The Techniques & Worksheet

During the 30-minute taping, we talked about the practical side of the meaning of Love, Joy, Happiness and Freedom. Are these feelings or emotions only applicable for building harmonious relationship? How can we apply these feelings in our work and business? As we search deeper for the meaning of our existence, would the questions generally revolve around fulfilling one’s dreams? If that is a "yes"- to live life with passion - what does it mean?