What inspired me to write this book?

It was 2008.  I just came home from a trip to Sai Baba Ashram.  Something stirred in me, a very strong desire to write my stories so that more friends are able to read about them.

In fact, over the years, friends have been asking me the same questions over and over again.  I had been sharing my stories about the ways I traveled, backpacking alone to most of the places in the world, and also about the freedom I live my life.  The ways I do business, being free and still get paid for my services.  How are all these freedom to live my life possible?  In the eyes of many people, this life is still a dream.  And yet I am living The Life what others are still dreaming of.

Then, it dawned on me that my life, living with faith and trust, free to live the life I want, is really an extraordinary story to share.

And so, I wrote my stories.  Four years in the making.  This book is now ready for you.

I wish you will remember the freedom that is inherently yours, as I remember mine.

Live your best life!

Chee Wah