The "Yin" and "Yang" of writing.

I am more of a person who just follow the flow. So, when I thought of writing, I wrote the way I felt.  It was not about facts and data research, and obviously not to intend to teach you about freedom.

When Sharon, my editor, came on board, after reading through all the chapters, she sat me down and told me that all my stories are good and they are inspiring. Readers, however, want to also know how they could achieve that kind of freedom that I expounded in the book.

She suggested that I break down my chapters with a structured approach with learning objectives. I felt that was a very good suggestion, I had never thought of using my book as a teaching tool. I thought I just merely share my stories and my experiences.

Nevertheless, I began to look at my writing differently, thanks to Sharon.  I needed to give readers a purpose.  So, my book has to have the key points for learning.   Then, lead the readers to achieve freedom too.

It took me another eight months to break down all my stories into a format, adding anecdotes and expanded the ideas with clear definition and explanations.  I researched more about the places I visited so to bring readers some historical facts of some sacred places I mentioned in my book.  One such place was Mount Sinai in Egypt.

Listen to what Sharon said about the Yin and Yang of writing.

"Yin" being with the flow, that's me.

"Yang" being Sharon, who gave me the format and structure to write.