When friends asked me what is my book about?  I said it is about freedom.

There was this blank expression or suddenly a dead silence over the other side of the phone line, as if, suddenly there was this word - freedom, that did not make any sense.  

Why would someone write about freedom?  What is freedom?  Many just could not connect. 

When there is a talk on the subject of diabetes, or high blood pressure, many would want to sign up and listen to the talk hoping to find answers to their health problems.  What we are missing is the point about getting back to our source. The original source that we are all born with, which is health, joy, happiness, freedom and love.  

Along the way, however, we "discovered" this discomfort that we call it illness and disease, so now we put all our effort to find out how to "get rid" of this discomfort.  The road to recovery is not about curing the disease, it is about getting it right, that is to go back to our source which is pure, healthy, good, joy and freedom.

So, this is what my book Invite Freedom Home is about.  Get back to our origins.  Re-discover Freedom and set yourself free of the thought of sickness.  That's it!