During the course of my work, book reading and sharing sessions, I met with many individuals who are living their lives being the inspirations for all.  Many have turned up after checking about me on my blogsite, reading about the ways and the places I have covered in my traveling.  Many came to find out how on earth someone could live his life being this free, to live a life with trust and faith?

There was a mother of 3 beautiful young adults, who came to my session after reading my book.  After I have finished speaking, I sat with her and she told me that she purposely made her way to my talk because after reading my book, she wanted to see for herself how could someone be so real and authentic.  She added that the words I used in my book and the ways I expressed myself in my book are no different than the person she met - real and authentic.  She told me that my book has "awakened her from the dead."

I was flabbergasted.

I am amazed my book has such impact.  I only needed to "Show Up".  And show up I did, at various locations for my talk and sharing.

Here is another beautifully written article by someone I met during my sharing session.  I have asked Erika for her permission to reproduce her article here.  Thank you, Erika.



I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful author (Tham Chee Wah) at his latest book reading in Kuala Lumpur. What fascinated me the most was his natural ability to just go with the flow! He would simply plan his trips abroad by booking an entry ticket to one city and an exit ticket from another city, on the other side of the country. The bit in the middle was completely unplanned! Wherever the road led him he would go. If he liked a place he would linger. If he met a stranger who spoke of a place he would follow them there. Nothing was forced or squeezed or rushed about his method of travel. Everything was “go with the flow”. Everything was done in complete faith alone. Of course the questions were asked: “Were you never in danger?”, “Did you ever run out of money?”, “Did you ever have nowhere to sleep?”. The answers were no, no and no. Unbelievable!! His book tells the tales of his journeys and all the serendipitous events that happen to him, leading him to self-discovery and solid friendships. The whole idea pulled a rubber band in me that snapped back when I remembered my brief flirt with leaving my plans to a higher being. Otherwise, I tend to be the complete opposite. I am a “to-do list” devotee and a partisan planner. I don’t board a plane without some preliminary research on my destination and pre-booked accommodation. I sat listening to him in awe!
There is, I believe, a real value to you if you are able to have both traits in your life. There is a place for planning, setting goals and working towards them. There is a place for holding and controlling all the threads in your life! There is too, a place for not doing, just being and going with the flow. Taking the unplanned occurrences as opportunities and letting the threads go!
So what type of person are you?
Be curious about what it must be like to be the opposite?
Give it a try. For one day only, challenge yourself to either plan ahead or go with the flow.
Remember that doing either one for a prolonged time without deviation will not necessarily benefit you but having a bit of both definitely will. Even the author has to come back home from his travels and fit back into the structure of our modern world. He however, has a different compass, turning its dial in him. For even back in the rigid, modern world he can create his own inner freedom and find the space to share his “flow” with us; to share how to bring freedom home!
Erika is certified as an NLP practitioner by the International Teaching Seminars (ITS) in London which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is run by the world renowned Ian Mcdermott. For the past 15 years her career has spanned from Hotel and Tourism in Austria, Argyll and Regus Business Centres in London, Credit Suisse London and the prestigious Law Firm Allen & Overy.