“Moving around freely without any fear or worry is a hallmark of FREEDOM”

After reading Chee Wah’s book on “Invite Freedom Home”, Nellie and I decided to experience similar ‘Freedom’ by first traveling to Bangalore in Dec 2011, followed by another trip to Miri, Mulu Caves and Kuching in Jan 2012.

We purchased a round-trip air-tickets online.  That’s all we did!  We didn’t book any tour or hotel and we didn’t have an itinerary. We trusted the whole process, and we wanted to experience the real meaning of Freedom by going for the trips leisurely in a relaxed manner with open heart and open mind. We went without any expectation nor idea about what, where, how, when, why...

We made up our mind to let-go thought of fear or worry. We just moved about freely and relaxingly, as if life has no time and space. We didn’t want to think anything about what happens back home i.e. the house, car, plants, garden...

We didn’t know nor have any idea about what would we do the next day or even in the next hour. We just went about life in the NOW. We consciously remind ourselves that we must set free our mind or thought about the need for planning of itinerary which we had always done in the past.

The unplanned excursions had activated the awakening of the adventurous spirit within us which has been lying dormant.

Freedom means following the heart; when we felt like resting or relaxing, we rested and relaxed, felt like walking around aimlessly or sight-seeing, we just did that without hesitation... anything which the heart dictates, we just move along...wow, that’s the great feeling about Freedom!

The key point is freeing our mind from fear, worry or rigidity of schedules, timing...

During the trips, I learned to consciously observe Life. I began to realize that „FREEDOM‟ has different components, which give conscious awareness about the nature of our life... a fantastic truth revealed, that is about the magnificence and greatness of Mother Nature which totally honors and embraces full freedom of life, allowing everything exists as it is. Mother Nature nurtures all lives and allows all to live life to their fullest, and every life is free to flow, grow and take its own natural course! Wow...so amazing...

FREEDOM encompasses total allowing, free-will, unconditional love, free from judgment and control, giving everything and everyone absolute freedom to move, grow and flow according to their natural instinct.

Truly, these are the greatest benefits that we have received from Chee Wah’s valuable ideas and experience. Grateful for his wonderful sharing!

~ George Lau, Principal Trainer and Coach ~

7 January, 2012