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Got a new book "Invite Freedom Home" today. Delivered by a handsome guy Keane to my office. Gladful. Flipping...flipping...the book initially having no intention to start the reading yet. Hey supposed to be working... but a few sentences while catches my attention. Well the author is speaking the thoughts that I'm always wondering & looking for answers.
Oh... well, haha...decided to give myself a few hours break to read it. Till now, I already finished 20% of it. Oh... start falling in love with the book. Have to share this, extracted from the book:
"Choose to be happy now, not after you have made your millions. Choose to be your best now, not after you have got your dream job. Choose to live life to the fullest now, not after your children have all grown up. Your future is determined by what you love doing now, at this moment. Because only love will grow. Only love expands. This is the law."


Have you ever felt so frustrated about your life?  You know that you are trapped in your own mess? But at the same time, you want to be free and be able to do things that you are passionate about.

I am lucky enough to have met Chee Wah in Toastmasters.  Eventually he became my mentor after I have completed my Competent Communicator manual. Throughout the three years that I have known him, I am always amazed by his carefree, simple and exciting life.  His blog - Lifestyle Designers became an avenue for me to unwind by reading his adventures, stories and life journey.
Today, he is a successful Brand Strategist and also the author of a new book “Invite Feedom Home”.  After being told about the book, I was more than excited for him because publishing a book is such a huge thing, especially for someone who loves to write!

At one point, I kept asking him, when will the book be published, again and again.  Finally, it happened in September 2011, the book that he has been waiting to publish and I have been waiting to read, is out for sale!
Just to share with you, my favourite line from his book -

“Your future is determined by what you love doing now, at this moment.” - Page 53.

This is because I can absolutely relate to these words.  Thinking and pondering about whether to do things wholeheartedly really does hold us back from being at our best.  If we continue to feel that we need to own perfection first instead of doing things at our best (in return to have perfection), we will not be able to free ourselves from unhappy thoughts and will always, always search for something that is missing from the very core of our soul.

The book is in paperback form, light and handy to carry about.  It is an easy read to enlighten yourself about your own life and how to take positive actions to allow miracles to happen.

~ Lim Hui Shan ~




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