Review of the book "Invite Freedom Home" by James Yap, Property Marketing Executive

I read with much interest and a sense of eagerness as I flipped the first page of this book. Even though my wanderlust is not that intense, still something attracts me to read this book just like everyone who loves some good travel stories. From someone who has travelled to more than 40 countries. More so from someone who does so without an itinerary. Even more so from someone who “redefines” freedom at the age of 23 and adds a distinct twist to his travel stories by incorporating concepts taught in spirituality. 

The description on each travel experience is fantastic. I thought it is not mere description only; instead, there is a sense of drama going on in each of the travel episodes highlighted. I felt like watching a snippet of a movie. From the chaotic riot that comes with gun shooting in Ta Prohm to the near-death experience on board a fishing boat while crossing the Red Sea, there is just so much thrill involved as I imagined myself being transported along into the story lines. I feel tempted to say that these are not just travel stories per se, but adventure stories!

I like how each chapter starts with a conversation that provides a frame for the concepts that will be discussed in the chapter; and thereafter ending with a doorway to new thoughts to cement the concepts taught.

After reading this book, I am keener to explore more about spirituality. This is especially upon knowing that “the part that we don’t know is the part that will save our sanity” (pg 70).  Moreover, I was also fascinated by a few concepts such as “the universe has no deadline” (pg 68), “what if the universe has other plans for you” (pg 68), “universal intelligence” (pg 70). I used to want to learn more about spirituality but was not really that keen back then. 

There is also a paradigm shift on my part upon learning that “when you experience joy in everything you do, you will experience the divine working through you” (pg 61), “….no need to worry about your purpose…put joy in everything you do” (pg 62). So much is joy emphasized that it indirectly reminds me to always stay in the present, for it is such that joy can unfold. Like the sort of “beingness” you enjoy in the meditation room at Schiphol airport.

Upon reading this book, I have come to a have a better grasp about freedom. Relationship freedom, financial freedom, emotional freedom, physical freedom – just about the sorts of freedom we all mortals desire can be felt if we are willing to surrender. Freedom is not so “free” after all, if we are not willing to surrender. And “surrender” is the invisible word that ties up all sentences in this book - the essence (surrender) of the essence (freedom). In which, you bring to life through words perfectly! 

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