The book ceremony was held on 17 March, 2012. It was a Saturday and it was St Patrick's Day.

The ceremony was not only about launching my book but it was a call to invoke inspiration in everyone worldwide.  Symbolically, our creativity was to be released through untying a knotted ribbon.  Everyone who was at the book ceremony received four bookmarks printed with the beautiful photographs I took.  I tied the four bookmarks with a ribbon and made it into a knot.  During the ceremony, when Dehyana performed the blessings, all together, we untied the ribbon.  This action signified the release of our creative energy in unison.

One of my favorite thing to do is writing and reading poetry.  When I was in Secondary School, as young as thirteen, when I entered Form One, we were given an assignment in class.  It was the Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysia Language) class, and we were asked to write an essay.  Instead of doing that, I wrote a poem.  Why?  Because I thought it used less words.  I was able to express more in shorter sentences.  I received good commendation for the poem I wrote.  Even the Cikgu (teacher) was pleasantly surprised with my ability.  How I even started to put words to my emotions, I did not know.  I think somewhere inside me, I was already a poet, the energy just waiting to soar.

I took writing poetry seriously and began contributing to a local Chinese dailies.   Nobody taught me the correct ways to writing poetry.  I did not know about the stanza, the metaphor, the musicality or the pairing of words but somehow I wrote and sent in my work.  To my dismay, my first few attempts were not successful.  None of my poems was published.

One thing I hold strongly, though, is my tenacity.  I never gave up.  I was so determined to get my works published, especially poetry, I took my courage and wrote to the Editor to ask for guidance.  I wanted to know specifically how they would accept a poem as a good piece of article for publication.  I wanted the Editor to share with me their secrets. 

My heart missed a beat when I saw my letter being published in the paper the next week.  The Editor praised me for taking up the challenge to follow through with my writing, especially poem, where it was not a student’s favorite subject to master.  The Editor gave me some pointers and tips as to creating a winning poem.  I took his advice to heart and put all that I learned into practice.  From that day on, all my poetry were published.  I wrote in Chinese.

How I began to learn Chinese when I was eight?  You can read more from Chapter Two of my book “Invite Freedom Home”.

This time round, since it was my book ceremony, I thought of writing a poem for the occasion.  Just one month before, someone sent me The Piano Guys music video.  Something stroked a chord but I did not know what to do.  Music with poem?  Play the music video during my book ceremony?  Check out The Piano Guys?  What?

When I did not know what else to do, I usually take a break.  I let the whole thing rest.  Just four days before the book ceremony, the ideas, the words, the poem, streamed into me, raining alphabets.  I quickly turned up the music video, felt the notes and started to put words to the beat.  Rhythmically,  the poem began to take its desired form.

And this is the poem being read with The Piano Guys ingenious work with music. 

The poem is entitled: "I Can, I Will."