A Book Review by Genny Ong, Academician

My life has always been deeply troubled and plenty of turbulent since the day I was born. When I was diagnosed with Lupus and later my mother passed on, that was my last straw. I could not get over it.  After that, one after another trouble came. I was in deep rut, miserable, angry and depressed.  I couldn’t understand why I constantly “battling” malady.  I began to question myself about God and my faith and beliefs and why am I facing such “difficult” life and why am I not happy?  I tried searching for answers and I have no idea where to begin. 

As I tried to get over my grief, I remembered I read Brian Weiss books and that set me to look for Past Life Regression Therapy in KL. After going through the therapy, I did discover something about myself and I made a move not to be anti-social.  After sometime I went to Toastmasters (TM) meeting out of curiosity and joined the club as it is what I was looking for to improve my delivery skills and to prepare myself for viva examination. I got to know most of the members who came from different backgrounds.  One day a TM friend invited me for a book reading session.  Initially, I wasn’t keen to attend but I don’t know why I had the ‘voice’ telling me to go.  I went and I was mentally prepared to use my knowledge on literary criticism on this book (Invite Freedom Home by Tham Chee Wah) as I thought it would be an addition to Malaysian literature in English. It turns out the book is something on inspiring-motivation self-help. It was a good session with the author and knowing how he follows his “heart” was truly amazing.

I bought a copy but I didn’t start to read it until after 2 weeks later.  One fine weekend I sat and I read the first part of book.  It really had me thinking and I wanted to meet those people the author mentioned in the book. The next day I finished the whole book and I felt different, my perception of life is different. Strangely, in a single day I received 3 compliments from strangers that I looked young. The book, like a little key, had opened up my awareness and consciousness towards life and I felt being guided and connected to people.  In a short span of time I saw myself soaring and the best part, the unexpected happens. I attended a TM semi-annual convention; I never expected to be evaluating a Past International President in front of a huge crowd.

A few months later, I was down again because this time I had job related problem. It really tested my ‘inner’ strength as I had to find ways and means not to be posted out of Malacca. I confided to many people and I am glad to have friends who helped and gave morale support and said “Things happen for a reason”. Once again the book guided me to generate new thoughts and somehow it showed some solutions and I got that job in Malacca.  I also met and attended Dr. Aaron’s dharma.

Fast forward to another few months; I went for a TM workshop on stage presence in TTDI. I was contemplating to get the actual 2 days course tickets as they were pricy but then again the ‘voice’ says to go ahead and I am glad that I did. Again, I never expected to be one of the winners and got a full makeover and a full attention from image consultants. It was a lifetime experience I would never forget.

I can sense my connectedness to people is getting more and more and the dimension goes wider like the sun light hitting the darkness. It is breaking dawn. Currently, I just met Dehyana and I find her awesome and I hope to heal and be whole again. I am picking up my life and seeking to be totally free, healthy and attain blissful happiness. Most of my negativities I had before are almost gone or mellowed down. I am happier now as I am “inviting freedom to my home” whereby my home symbolises my heart. What’s next you may ask? I am going to make those trips with open heart and mind soon…