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To know is to be certain.  Uncertainty means that you do not know.  Knowledge is power because it is certain, and certainty is strength. ACIM T3.III.1:3-5

Is ignorance, bliss?  Or is ignorance more of laziness?  You didn’t want to learn the Truth.  Learning makes you tired.  After all these years of being spoon-fed about what life should be, you are just darn tired of doing your own thinking.  Thinking is hard work.  You would rather opt for a magical pill, once swallowed, everything will be just fine.  Did the pill last?  Obviously not.  You have remained angry, depressed, jealous, unhappy, unhealthy and things are not looking good for you.

Ignorance means that you are unaware, uninformed.  Is being uninformed, blissful?  If this is true, you wouldn’t have lost faith in your healing when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.  When you are uncertain, you would compromise on your trust.  You will not know that there is a greater power at work.  If you know and you are certain, you will want to rest your head and surrender to Its magnanimity.

Not being clear in the things you do, there’s where sufferings occur.  Relationships are severed, business does not happen the way you want it, sales are not closed with agreed terms.  You go home feeling unhappy, take it out on your dog, you family and the people whom you love the most.  

Then, you get mad over a nail clipper.  

Have you not heard that common argument at home, started with just a nail clipper?  Wife was looking for the nail clipper.  Asked husband.  Wife said that husband used the nail clipper last night.  Where is it now?  Husband said he can’t remember where.  Wife looked for nail clipper by turning the whole house around.  Grumbling and cursing while she searched everywhere for the small nail clipper.  Then, she found it underneath a book, on top of the TV.  She took the nail clipper and started accusing her husband for being forgetful.  

“You are useless, always losing things in the house.”  

Husband retorted, “What do you mean ‘always’?  Just this time.”  

Wife tried to accuse with reasons: “Last week, you misplaced the car keys.  Then, you drove my car.  You got my car dented because of that.  You are always irresponsible.  I don’t know how I could have married you?  Always finding excuses.” 

Husband: “I also do not know how I get hooked by you.  You lost some money at your mahjong table last week and you blamed me?”  

Wife: “Of course I blame you.  If it’s not because of you, I still keep my curvy body.  Now I have nothing, just three hooligans.  And you don’t even care.” 

And it all started with a nail clipper.

If you have the knowledge to work things out with love, you certainly have avoided retaliation and attack?

When you have a clear mind, you make clear decisions.   A clear mind is achieved when you have the knowledge because to know is to be certain.   With the clarity and certainty, you will not waver when your hear your heart say ‘Go!’.   Steadfastly, you know the Voice will open doors of opportunity for you.  Would you still succumb to your leg and say ‘No!’?  The time has come for everyone to learn the Truth.  The Truth that never changes. 

When you are certain, you gain strength.  There is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve.  You are already given all the tools to accomplish what you are here to do.  

All you need now is to know It.