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The ego is a wrong-minded attempt to perceive yourself as you wish to be, rather than as you are.  Yet you can know yourself only as you are, because that is all you can be sure of. ACIM T3.IV.2:3-4

You can only undo your past, by living in the present.  Because NOW is all you can be sure of to make a change.  You can only manifest your future, by making it happen today.  Because what you can do today will propel you to create your future the way you want it now.

The ego, however, wants you to believe that you should be a millionaire by the time you are 25.  Some wish that if they were born with a silver spoon, they would have been Paris Hilton.  Some wish they could have less cellulite on their hips, so they would be models on the runway.

Many wish for something they don’t have, and wish to become someone they are not.  In this delusional state of wishful nothingness, you missed the gems that are right in front of you.  The business opportunities that are open for your evaluation.  Your children who are shouting for your attention.  The colleague who is sitting next to you needs your help.  You need not look too far in the future to lend a helping hand.  You can extend your love right where you are now.

In one of those TV reality shows about undercover CEOs of multi-million dollar companies, they went undercover to experience some of the low-paying jobs in their own companies without the employees knowing about them. 
One of them was the CEO of 7-11 in America who was to go and work with the truck driver who was delivering goods to several 7-11 outlets in the middle of the night.  Igor, the truck driver, is an immigrant from Kazahkstan.  During the undercover, the CEO asked Igor, why was he so happy delivering stocks in the middle of the night.  Igor enjoyed his job very much, he said that getting to know the 7-11 store managers is always the highlight of his delivery rounds.  

Igor told the undercover CEO that he was very fortunate to have found a job in a free country such as America.  Igor said that all Americans should be so blessed that they are born in a great country.  Igor felt so blessed that he wanted to give more back to America, that was why he put in a lot of hard work and happiness to make sure the delivery is in order.  Igor worked with a heart filled with gratitude.  The CEO was so touched by his contribution that after the show ended, the CEO awarded Igor the franchise of one of the 7-11 store which was worth USD 170,000.00.

You will never know who you meet on your way to work.  You will never know who you will be talking to during your course of work.  If you go to work always wishing that you were somewhere else, you will not see the great opportunity that is already in front of you.

There are no better, more loving, more understanding spouses out there.  There are no better jobs than the one you already have.  There is no one idea that will boost your business, every idea works if you make it work.  Give your best of what you are today.  Give the biggest smile.  Enjoy your work.  Increase your love. 
This is your calling!