Testimonial: After having attended just two sessions of "Business With ACIM", Wilson wrote: "I can see the light of infinite possibilities and wonders through your teaching of ACIM.  You know something? Ever since I know you, and learning the ACIM, you really bring out the best in me with your encouragement and lots of opportunities."

Story & Collage by WILSON LOH, Bank Executive & Photo-Storyteller

"Every birth of perfection could only exist or be created under perfect timing and mood". 

Looking back at the entrenched resistance I held on for years - daydreaming and procrastinating, thinking that I still have my countless tomorrows.  After all, tomorrow never dies.  Days after days, weeks after weeks, months after months, and dreams still remain as dreams.  In a very relaxing mood, I waited for the perfect moment.  While I waited, I silently blamed the Universe for its inability to support me.  I found all the excuses not to take any action on my plans, and most importantly, refused to look at the root cause behind the chaos created by myself.  Then, disappointment sneaked in, frustration fed at me, it was like a living dead without a purpose to live anymore.  I just do what the community wants me to do, forget the dreams, it's just not meant to be mine. 

I've always been taught that the success of creative works only goes to the most talented and the luckiest individual.  As an ordinary person like me, I do not deserve that, and certainly I can't make a fortune out of art based on my capability and the talent I have now.  So I put a full stop on the creative side of me and shut it down.  I had chosen to live the path of the ‘Left Brain’ life, as I can't see any possibilities of surviving a ‘Right Brain’ life, or to balance both.

One fine day, it must be the mercy of my guardians, I was guided to come across a podcast sharing of "You're Created Perfect", and somehow, it sounded a bell in my heart.  Have I discovered my passion and live a life I love?  What have I done today to live my life fully?  Why are you seeking for perfection?  

Remembering all the daydreaming moments in the past, I've finally realized that daydreaming alone doesn't contribute to the creation of any perfect work.  Instead, it only keeps me lingering at the same spot, not getting anywhere.  I delved into the vulnerable part of my heart and realized that I fear judgement and the rejection by others.  I even saw the possible imperfections I would make, the lack of self-worth and self-love.  I should have instilled those qualities in myself. 

I asked myself, do I want to lead a life with regrets?  And if the answer is ‘no’, what would I do to start anew?  I pondered for a short while, and I got a plan instantly as if my heart revealed the draft layout of the plans years ago and waiting to be completed.  Like exploring the treasure of gold in my computer, I found some folders of photos that I had left unattended for years. 

I have been engaging with my passion for almost a month now creating collage with my collection of my photo works.  Also, I am writing.  I am taking small steps each day to realize my dream.  I choose to give, as I have been given a second chance to explore.  It feels really good and I am able to taste the sweetness of freedom to live fully. 

Living in the present is the most perfect timing in all circumstances; and in all my imperfections, I know I am also created perfect. 


The photo-Story #1

The journey began with 4 travel companions as we bonded immediately and we traveled together in the month of April.  We set out goal and challenged our limits to conquer the Rainbow Waterfall and Panorama Hill within 3 days and 2 nights in Sungai Lembing.  I m going to share a story of dawn and my self-discovery journey via mini slides.  I placed the collage with 3 photos in the form of a letter 4, symbolising my most recent travel trip in years.  It also brings me to experience one of the most magical moments in my life.