"Love conquers all”. This is an often quoted phrase I keep hearing over the years. I have no idea how life-changing it could be when understood and applied correctly. After attending ACIM on a regular basis, I now understand how crucial this phrase is to me. 

I recently applied it when dealing with my staff.  I take care of several businesses and I have staff who works under me.  In order for the company to grow, I know that we need to have quality staffs.  To achieve that, they have to be dedicated to what they do best at their job, hence the success of a company.  I know that!  But I had difficulty steering them into the right direction.  Though my knowledge to handle it was limited, I knew there must be a way to turn them into effective employees. 

Like being struck by a baseball bat to my head, I got it!  Thanks to my regular attendance of the ACIM sessions, I now understand the meaning of patience, love, care and forgiveness, where I applied them when I work with my staffs.  I now give myself time to train them.  I go into minute details, having the patience to explain to them how significant the task is and why it is important for them to carry it out.  Those are the information I would like to hear if I were to work for a boss. Giving meaning to what I am doing, helps me appreciate what I do.  Because I always have faith in “a win-win” situation.  I now listen to them in return.  I genuinely want to hear their complaints, their feedback on their job.  That way, I can now manage better, assigning them to what they do best in their work.  As a result, I find their work output has increased.  Everyone is happy! Many thanks to the universe!


Written by Michael Wong, Homeopathy Practitioner & Young Entrepreneur