Serena Cheah interviewing Chee Wah for a video on "Business With ACIM"
During one of the  “Business with ACIM” sessions, I asked Chee Wah: If GOD created everyone as equal and inherently the same, then why do we all have different talents.  He explained that talents such as writing, cooking, singing, acting and baking, for example, are everyone's god-gifted talents and they are all the same.  

I continued to seek clarity: “Then why do some do better and others don't.”  Apparently, there are skills to be learned!  I have always felt that even though I love art and want to paint, I stop on my tracks when I see and hear about artists who are better than me.  I would stop painting and drawing for weeks and sometimes months.  I feel that maybe I am not meant to be an artist/painter.  Now, with this knowledge I see that I just need to constantly update and upgrade my skills and techniques. 

Also, I guess I am not alone here when I say, I grew up thinking and hearing that art will never put food on the table or why don’t you spend more time investing in properties and stop wasting your time in painting.  Now, with the knowledge that I have learnt in ACIM, basically they were right then because I have allowed them to be right.  The itch to paint and draw never subsided, however.  The more I push it away, the more the drive to paint bounces back, more forceful each time.

Can I deny my inner talent?  Never!  I will embrace it with a strike now, knowing that this is my given talent.  I’ll continue to draw and paint while having a career and living life.  It is my unshaken commitment, being aware that this gift is who I am.

Later, I showed Chee Wah my drawings themed the “Dance of Life” and he advised that, “This may be a Collections of drawings by itself, a series depicting many journeys and eventful memories in your life”.   That encouraged me to think out of the box, and so here are two different drawings under the title “Somersault”.  With this, I am assured that more drawings will be produced to show our Dance of Life. ~ Serena Cheah, Artist & Investor

Dance of Life - Collections  



We are given choices every minute through out the day.  Choices come with responsibilities.  Are our choices always the best for us?  We seek perfection in our choices because we want the best results.  There is neither a perfect nor a right result.  We just do our best for that moment and take it one step at a time.  Develop self-love and be kind to yourself before you be kind to others.




(Serena Cheah's paintings are available for purchase at Lifeworks Holistics Centre in Penang.  Serena draws at her studio in Penang and she can produce works of art on commission.)