When Serena, who organizes the “Business With ACIM” sessions in Penang, suggested to me that we could do a video interview, I jumped at the idea.  She was quick, immediately put those thoughts into her work and sent me the questions. 


She was right on track, simple questions for people who listen in to our conversation to get a glimpse into what we do every month sharing the concepts and principles from A Course In Miracles (ACIM).  Click here to check out ACIM from the Foundation.


During the 30-minute taping, we talked about the practical side of the meaning of Love, Joy, Happiness and Freedom.  Are these feelings or emotions only applicable for building harmonious relationship?  How can we apply these feelings in our work and business?  As we search deeper for the meaning of our existence, would the questions generally revolve around fulfilling one’s dreams?  If that is a "yes"- to live life with passion - what does it mean?


Check out these video conversations between me and Serena.


Hope you will discover the path to your own fulfilling life.